RJ Visions

Exhibition Contractor

As an exhibition contractor, RJ Visions has a lot of experience and international knowledge. Our teams are globally renowned and are asked to supervise booth productions in Europe, China, Hong Kong, Singapore and Indonesia.

The service we provide includes exhibition booths of the highest quality. Our floor are straight, our lamps are bright, and your product will be the hero of the booth. We think out-of-the-box, and will give our clients an exhibition experience they will never forget. Every single detail of the booth will be supervised, controlled and designed by our international experts that will work closely with local vendors to insure the quality and integrity of RJ Visions’ famed reputation.


What makes us different is our international renowned expertise, knowledge and the wide range of services we can provide, to our clientele. Our work doesn’t end with the production and designing of a booth. We are a one-stop solution for every need requested during or for a successful exhibition. We provide unique ideas and organize events to make every exhibition a success for our wide range of current and future clientele. RJ Visions guarantees a safe booth, successful events and an exhibition experience of the highest quality.

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